Company History

The Stewart family created GJ Freight as a family business in 1992 with two 8 tonne trucks. Initially we only provided a transport service for Visy Board Pty Ltd from Donnybrook into the lower South West and Margaret River area with occasional trips to O'Connor in Perth.

In the following years we began to provide transport of general freight for other customers. Through business development and our acquisition of GTS Transport in 2005 we have significantly expanded our customer base. We now handle fresh produce, wine and general cartage out of Donnybrook and the surrounding areas. More recently we have expanded with our NorWest and Mining divisions providing services to larger companies across Western Australia.

Since our beginning in 1992 we have developed and expanded our services to current levels. For Visy alone, our original customers, we now run two trucks daily from O'Connor and have up to three trucks daily servicing Visy's delivery requirements in the South West. We have broadened our scope of works through Visy by becoming distributing agents for their various packaging solutions. These are available to customers through our Donnybrook depot.

Our current fleet consists of a combination of over 60 trucks and trailers.

We provide a depot in Perth for customers and have acquired a major storage and packing facility at Argyle, just outside Donnybrook, with controlled atmosphere and cool storage for growers, wine storage for wineries and general dry storage.