Packaging Solutions

GJ Freight are distributing agents of Visy products outside of the Perth metropolitan area.

We stock a range of products including wine and fruit cartons. Other carton solutions that we do not stock can be ordered directly through our office. Cartons with your company/business name can be arranged for an additional set up fee. In addition to cartons we also stock pallet corner protectors and peak fresh products including liners, pallet covers and plix trays.

Examples of stocked products:

P84 10kg Orchard Fruit Carton

GJ Freight have a variety of Visy products to suit your packaging requirements. Available products include tape, tape dispensers, strappings, moving boxes, shrink wrap, bubble wrap, foam, knives, tissue paper, envelopes, marker pens and more. Whilst we carry a limited range, other products are available for order.